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Our Company

Oilways Energy Limited is an independent oil company, we specialise in the sourcing and trading of Crude Oil with a vibrant distribution service network, servicing recognised participants in the oil industry worldwide.

Oilways Energy Limited is primarily focused on meeting the energy needs of a dynamic and technically advancing world. With a dedicated management team, the company is able to identify supply and demand opportunities through an in-depth understanding of the regional and global energy markets. We take pride in the effective management and synchronization of different units to fully analyse and mitigate the risk of doing business in identified markets, thereby producing maximum operational efficiency and profitability. The company’s strength lies in its ingrained culture of excellence, dynamism, exceptional relationship management and compliance with the best global practices.

Our understanding of the demands and challenges oil and gas companies face enables us to best offer solutions that exceed our customers requirements.

We are dedicated to supply high quality products and services. Our quality is reviewed at management level to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness, and to ensure it remains appropriate to the purpose, scale, nature and impact of the company’s activities.

At Oilways Energy the value of ‘responsibility’ is collective and finds a natural place as a key driver in the conduct of its business operations and its relationship with every stakeholder in the energy chain.

We put a special focus on compliance and conducts all of its business activities throughout the world in an honest, ethical and legal manner, and expects the same of its employees, directors and business partners.

Oilways Energy does not tolerate any form of corruption, neither active or passive, direct or indirect, and works against corruption in all its forms. Oilways Energy is committed to complying with the provisions of the United States Foreign Corrupt Policies Act (FCPA).

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